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El Amor Brujo
El Amor Brujo

This bi-lingual arts residency, inspired by the Spanish ballet, El Amor Brujo, combines poetry, music, dance, and flamenco culture. Based on the poetry and songs of María Lejárraga’s libretto and the music by Manuel de Falla, students will explore themes of power, obsession, and freedom. Students will be exposed to the rich flamenco culture and will have the opportunity to explore the themes through multiple points of entry including poetry, music, dance, and visual arts. The residency culminates with a reconstruction of scenes from El Amor Brujo with a NYC twist.


• To give students an overview of El Amor Brujo as a seminal work in Spanish music, dance and literature

• To become familiar with the text of the poetic songs written by María Lejárraga and discover the symbols and meanings of the words

• To explore visual arts activities such as set and costume design

• Music Skills: students will learn songs in Spanish from the El Amor Brujo repertory

• Dance and Creative Movement Skills: students will develop flamenco dance literacy, will learn choreography and will be guided in creating their own movement sequences

• Q/A and reflection session, culminating in a student performance, in which students articulate themes that have personal meaning, and make connections between the themes explored in El Amor Brujo and modern-day life in New York City

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