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Our Mission

Hispanic Culture Arts, Inc. provides innovative programming in the classical arts from the Hispanic World for school-aged children in New York City and surrounding areas.


Committed to arts education and to the intellectual, personal, and social development of children, HCA programs serve as a vehicle for creativity, discovery, and expression while making connections between the classical Spanish arts and modern life in NYC.


Our essential question:

How am I citizen

of the world?

We live in an ever-increasing interdependent and interconnected world, which means there is a global dimension to who we are. We believe that through HCA programs, students see themselves as part of that emerging world community.


Students not only celebrate their more immediate communities, such as their neighborhoods or towns, but they also find ways to connect to the broader world community through arts and culture and the expression of the human spirit.

What are the classical
Spanish Arts?

Genres such as zarzuela; music by classical composers from Spain and Latin America (historical and contemporary); historic and folkloric Spanish and Latin American dance, as well as theater, painting, and poetry.


In our partnership with the Hispanic Society Museum & Library, our collaborative educational programs feature historical painting and storytelling, combined with dance and music.


Hispanic Culture Arts continues to innovate via new projects that combine popular genres with classical Hispanic arts, to create an interesting curriculum, thus fulfilling our mission to help students make connections between the classical Hispanic arts and everyday life in NYC.

What is Zarzuela?

Zarzuela is a musical theater genre from Spain that alternates between spoken and sung scenes. It incorporates operatic and popular songs as well as dance. It is analogous to American operetta and musical theater. The word Zarzuela may have derived from the name of a Royal hunting lodge known as the Palacio de la Zarzuela, near Madrid, where allegedly this type of entertainment was first presented at court.


There are two main types of Zarzuela:

- Baroque Zarzuela (1630-1750)
- Romantic Zarzuela (1850-1950)


The most important composers of the Zarzuela genre include Ruperto Chapí; Federico Barbieri. Federico Chueca, Pablo Sorozobal and Francisco Moreno-Torroba.

Traditions are what bind us to our past and are our connection to our present-day experiences.

Students gain a better understanding of themselves and their communities through the understanding of others.

HCA programs are interactive, both virtually and in person, allowing participants to learn and experience through the body and all of the senses.

Alignment of Common Core Capacities for English
Language Arts

  • They build strong content knowledge

  • They respond to the varying demands of audience, task,

  • purpose and discipline

  • They comprehend as well as critique

  • They value evidence

  • They come to understand other perspectives and cultures

Alignment with Scope and Sequence Capacities for Social Studies

  • They make sense of who they are their role within the community

  • They experience the outside community within the classrooms

  • They discover the unique features of their own communities and neighborhoods

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