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Playing on the Borderline
Playing on the Borderline:  Music, Visual Arts, Movement and Global Citizenship

This arts residency is inspired by the musical work in the video “Borderline:  Batucada with Orchestra” by Spanish born and lifetime New Yorker, composer Ricardo Llorca. Infused with the “Batucada” rhythms of Bahia (Brazil), Llorca created his work as a reaction to the global inequities protests occurring in Madrid in 2010.  In this arts residency, students will have the opportunity to experience “Borderline” via  different points of entry:  percussion, movement and visual arts.  Using hands-on activities, connections will be made to the idea of “global citizenship”, using as a focus Sustainable Development Goal 10 as outlined by the United Nations, of eradicating global inequality. 

Curriculum Goals:

• To give students an overview of Sustainable Development Goals, concentrating on SDG10, which focuses on reducing global inequalities.


• Explore visual arts activities as well  impromptu music making that is created during global inequality social movements.


• Music Skills:  students will learn to play percussion sounds they hear and see  in the video “Borderline:  Batucada for Orchestra”. 


• Visual Arts Skills:  students will be guided in creating "home-made" instruments and paper collages that would be used and or displayed in the final performance, and in which “student choice and voice” will be encouraged and explored.


• Dance and Creative Movement Skills: students will develop dance literacy, and will be guided in creating movement sequences that align with the themes of global citizenship and personal empowerment. 


• Q/A and reflection session, culminating in a student performance, in which students articulate themes that have personal meaning and pertain to SDG10.

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