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Professional Development

for Teachers, Art and Music Specialists, Assistant Principals and Related Service Providers

Dedicated to improving learning through the arts, Hispanic Culture Arts offers professional development to principals, classroom teachers, and school arts specialists. Our classes and workshops provide educators with insights as well as tools to integrate arts and multiculturalism across the curriculum. HCA teaching artists are available to work with individual teachers and schools to apply what was learned in professional development courses, to the classroom.

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  • Explore Hispanic arts in the areas of dance, music, theater, literature, and the visual arts to engage students in a meaningful way

  • Empower educators with knowledge and expertise to deliver multicultural arts education that supports contemporary issues and empowering skills

  • Address the cultural and emotional needs for connection for students and their communities via the arts


What are the classical Spanish arts?

Genres such as zarzuela; music by classical composers from Spain and Latin America (historical and contemporary); historic and folkloric Spanish and Latin American dance, as well as theater, painting, and poetry.


In our partnership with the Hispanic Society Museum & Library, our collaborative educational programs feature historical painting and storytelling, combined with dance and music.


Hispanic Culture Arts continues to innovate via new projects that combine popular genres with classical Hispanic arts, to create an interesting curriculum, thus fulfilling our mission to help students make connections between the classical Hispanic arts and everyday life in NYC.

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