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El patio de mi casa

African Diaspora Dancer and Teaching Artist, Oxil Febles.

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El patio de mi casa

The artistic residency “El patio de mi casa” (My own backyard)  introduces children to a variety of cultural expressions found in the music, dance and the visual arts from the Hispanic World.  Students will dive into both folkloric music, children's songs and rhythms from three different countries: Mexico, the Caribbean region and Spain. This curriculum supports Social Studies, as well as leading students in an exploration of the meaning of community, and their place within it.  


Our essential question of "How am I a citizen of the world?" is the guiding thought throughout this fun and interactive program.  Using dance, songs and percussion instruments, students will embody the dance choreographies arranged specifically for elementary school children;  visual arts reflective activities will further augment the cross-cultural experience.  Students will discover connections in their own neighborhoods and communities - their own “patios” and create a space for students to reflect on their own performances.  


• Students will learn songs, percussion and dances from Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean region.

• Students will actively engage with geography, cultural customs and environment of the countries being taught.


• Our curriculum is aligned with New York City Public Schools Social Studies program, and is focused to be culturally responsive to the students' neighborhoods.

• Curriculum will support social emotional learning.  

• Students will encounter tangible reasons for cultural pride and reasons to celebrate their neighborhood in the BX.

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