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Virtual Learning

Hispanic Culture Arts endeavours to continue to offer all of our programs in arts education online. This would be accomplished via platforms such as Google Classroom, Google Ecosystem Products such as Google Team, Google Meet and Flipgrid.


Our Goals

  1. To deliver curriculum on theater, dance and art design using online teaching activities and games.

  2. To overlay the teaching of these skills with a curriculum about the meaning and applications of “collaboration as a practice”

  3. We will operate via these maxims: Collaborate to Create and Imagine Collectively.



Students must have the ability to see videos, both live and pre-recorded, the ability to interact in chat rooms and to record videos, which is greatly facilitated using such platforms as Flipgrid. Students will also be instructed on how to create videos.


In many instances, students will be paired with “working partners” to collaborate and work together, and get feedback, thus incorporating the overall curriculum of “Collaboration as a Practice.”


Dear Students
Love, Anna

Zarzuela Review Zooms to the Tony's

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